The Great Hummer Giveaway

A strange combination

Ronald McDonald with a HummerBilled as the “Summer of Hummer”, Mcdonalds are to offer toy Hummers with their Happy Meals. Yeah, unfortunately they are not giving away actual Hummers, but these toys are pretty cool nonetheless, and any excuse to put up a picture as strange as the one above is always appreciated.

Ronald pimpin’ in his Hummer

Ronald in a HummerMcDonald’s Launched the campaign with Ronald driving and posing in and around a Hummer at a McDonalds.Hummers at McDonalds

Eat quickly before they’re gone

Manufactured by Mattel, Inc. There are 8 cars to collect, to get the full set (that includes the H1, H1 SUV, H2 SUV, H2 SUT, H3 SUV, H3X, H3T and even an H2H hydrogen version) you are going to need to eat about 2 happy meals a week, as the promotion ends on Aug 31st.H2H Toy H1 Toy(H2H & H1 toys pictured)

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