The beginners guide to buying a limousine

The basics

We get a lot of enquiries from people trying the setup limousine companies and whilst choosing your first limo is a very personal experience, we have a few general recommendations to help when choosing which limo to buy.

Know your market

Girls partying in a limoIf you feel that the majority of buisness will be night club partying kids then an SUV like the H2 Hummer with all the trimmings is for you. However, if you know that a lot of your customers will be business people, airport, hotel and event runs then opting for a Lincoln Town Car or Chrysler 300 is probably the better option.

Essential vehicles

Chrysler 300 and Hummer H2 limosIdeally, when starting a new limo company it is best to start with at least 2 vehicles. Having 2 vehicles means that 1 can always be on the road and as a worse case you can offer your customers an alternative. We think the Chrysler 300 (or Lincoln Town Car) and the Hummer H2 are the 2 essential cars to go for because this is what the majority of your customers will be asking for.Chrysler 300 or Lincoln Town CarReliable and easy to repair or upgrade, the 300 and Town Car will meet all your daily needs for most of your customers.The H2 Hummer (or similar)Large enough to carry big groups (and as you know bums on seats= profits) and is perfect for night clubs, shows, wine tours and weddings.

How long to stretch

Big limoAlways an important question as it can greatly affect both your profitability and how easy your drivers are able to get to and from their jobs. Whilst increasing the length of your stretch costs very little some countries do not allow vehicles over a certain length and your newly stretched 300 inch Hummer may not be able to get around the narrow streets of London for example.

Cost of vehicle

Limo financeDeciding whether to buy a new or used limo is an important decision and is dependent on your financial situation. When considering the cost of a vehicle don’t forget to include…Cost of operationKnowing which vehicle costs the most to replace parts, which the best on gas and which are the easiest to drive are all essential in knowing when running a profitable limo company.

Choosing a color

Red Ford ExcursionGenerally limo owners choose black or white as the color for the majority of their fleet. These are generally good choices as anyone will travel in a black limousine and white limousines are perfect for weddings, proms and wine tours.Pink limos are also becoming very popular however, be warned that its unlikey you will get people using a pink limo for business meetings, wine tours or similar, so as long as you have enough female customers to justify it, then pink is another good way to go.

Being different

Limo financeLike choosing pink, being different with your limousine (and service) will always get you attention.Owning a limousine that most operators do not stock can help boost your publicity and attract attention.Just checkout the Gargoyle Hummer limo which stole the show and does a great job in being different with Scissor and Gullwing doors and a unique paint job (unfortunately, it’s only available in the UK).Gargoyle Hummer limoJust checkout the Gargoyle Hummer limo which stole the show and does a great job in being different with Scissor and Gullwing doors and a unique paint job (unfortunately, it’s only available in the UK).Before making a decision to manufacture a completely custom limo its probably wise to do the figures and see how profitable it will be for you.

What to avoid

Short (No)WarrantiesBad ManufacturersLow riding vehicles (in most places)Expensive vehicles with expensive parts (they will need to be repaired by specialists which are hard to find and usually will mean your limo is off the road, not earning)Ruining a perfectly good Ferrari or Lambo to make it longer.

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  1. Dear Future Client,

    We are always happy to assist our customers with quotes for custom limousines. The price varies per unit type and vehicle specifications. Once you have decided to purchase new, used, replicate one of our models pictured on our website or design your own custom themed limousine and we respond with a price quote as promptly as our production line allows.

    Our inventory is continuously changing on a daily basis so please provide us with as many parameters as possible. We need year/price/mile range, color, style, body type, cash or lease, date you intended to purchase, the best time to reach you and a direct and contact number. These answers will all help us both in securing the proper vehicle for you.

    Big Limos has developed a specialty vehicle creation company. We are capable of remarkable designs by using our engineering skills to bring a whole new vehicle to life. The interior can be configured any way you want and the options are endless. If you like a particular picture on the site we can build it to those specifications.

    Big Limos has a heritage as being the first company to ever stretch an all fiber optic systems vehicle in 2001 and now the possibilities of vehicle types are without limit including new Rolls Royce, Ferrari and Mercedes Benz to name few of our favorites. We employ engineering and technical professionals including experts in computer systems, specification/release, die design, tooling and body design. Our staff is all aligned for one purpose which is to create specialty vehicles.

    We believe that an incredible idea is worthless without intelligent comprehension and follow through at the manufacturing level. The largest production vehicle companies in the world use Big Limos exclusively to build their custom American and European limousines and prototypes for their highly valued customers.

    We accept most payment methods including wire transfers for all payments associated with the transaction to ensure swift and expeditious settlement of funds and prompt efficient delivery worldwide.

    Please don’t hesitate to call or email with any further questions.


    Mike Walstrom

    CEO & Founder
    Cell -Text – Face Time – 714-330-6705

    Big Limos, LLC

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